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BCPST CPGE EPFL MPSI/MP PCSI/PC PSI PTSI/PT Terminale S - CPGE - Lycée La Rochefoucauld : Prépa+ - Mathématiques - Physique - Chimie - Python

Terminale S – Formation CPGE scientifiques – Paris

 60 heures de cours

Se préparer aux Prépas scientifiques dès la Terminale
Si vous êtes élève du Lycée Saint Dominique : il s’agit de la formation appelée Prépa+

 17 février 2020 - 10 avril 2020

  22 rue Malard, Paris

Description du stage

Internship for students of Terminale S wishing to move in CPGE scientific, or integrated prep, or EPFL in the Superior

Note : If you are a student of La Rochefoucauld High School, this is the training called Prépa +. Registration is done by contacting us directly.

One of the major difficulties in preparation is to adopt good working methods. You can no longer work like in high school: later you will realize, the more you will suffer. You need to work efficiently, because any chapter, even among the first of sup, is likely to fall in competitions.
The Cours Masson offers you to anticipate early in the Terminale the passage in Preparatory Science . It is not a question of treating the whole program of prepa, because it would be impossible, but the objective is to acquire the good reflexes , to discover the most feared chapters to gain in efficiency and especially to work the unavoidable exercises.Any chapter mastered in the final is as far ahead as you will have on the other candidates. Intervening in addition to Terminale, the training takes place during the holidays to give you the time to build a good academic record necessary to be admitted to CPGE.

Some schools have included our training in their schedule. We thank them for their trust.

ATTENTION : As you do not know if you will be next year in BCPST, MPSI, PCSI or PTSI, continuing education is common to all 4 sectors. Moreover, this training will allow you to determine the sector that will best adapt to your skills.


  • Develop a good working methodology adapted to the preparation
  • Study in « preview » the Prep course and remember the essential points
  • To confront classical exercises and acquire the reflexes to solve them
  • Strengthen your scientific bases to facilitate your learning
  • To help you choose your sector and when ranking Parcoursup Prépa


  • 60 hours of classes

Monday, February 17 to Friday, February 21, 2020: 9h-13h15 (analysis) and 14h15-16h15 (chemistry)

Monday April 6th to Friday April 10th 2020: 9h-13h15 (algebra) and 14h15-16h15 (physics)

  • 2 white competitions
  • Number of students: 20 maximum

Lieu du stage

22 rue Malard, Paris