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PACES Terminale S - Lycée de l'Alma : Santé+ - Lycée La Rochefoucauld : Santé+ - Lycée Paul Claudel d'Hulst : Santé+ - Mathématiques - PACES - Physique - Chimie

Formation PACES – Paris

 60 heures de cours

Anticipez de façon efficace la PACES dès la Terminale S : 78% de réussite

 17 février 2020 - 10 avril 2020

  22 rue Malar, Paris

Description du stage

Internship for Terminale S students wishing to move towards the Health Portal

Note : If you are a student at La Rochefoucauld High School, Alma or Paul Claudel of Hulst, this is called Health +. Registration is done by contacting us directly by email.
The Masson Course offers you the opportunity to anticipate the transition to PACES in the Terminology by adopting good working methods and working on the most dreaded subjects. Any chapter mastered in Terminale is as much in progress as you will have on the other candidates. In addition to the courses of Terminale, the training takes place during the holidays of February and Easter.
Some schools, such as La Rochefoucauld high schools in Paris, Paul Claudel Hulst in Paris, The Alma in Paris, St. John Hulst in Versailles and St. Dominic in Neuilly sur Seine, have included our training in their schedule. We thank them for their trust.
2013-2014: 73% success / 53% of
2014-2015 winners : 76% success / 51% of
2015-2016 winners : 74% success / 56% of 2016-2017 winners
: 78% success / 61% of primants
2017-2018 : Expectation of results for Colleges with repetition / 65% of primants 


The duration of this training has been studied to be compatible with a good course of your Terminal. Remember that your academic record is in the CAF of your choice . You must not neglect your daily work. 
  • Understand the unique way to work in PACES to succeed
  • Get used to « handmade » calculations
  • Understand the difficult chapters that require hindsight (program common to different facs): UE1 and UE3 (UE4 in addition)
  • To work with  QCMs from real annals
  • Help you  choose CAF based on your skills at Parcoursup
  • To help you in the long term : during the PACES
    • Help with scheduling at the beginning of the school year
    • All the complementary courses to the training provided by your knowledge of your assignment
    • One-off support by our experienced faculty or alumni


  • from Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2020: 9h-13h15 (15 min break) then 14h15-16h30
  • from Monday, April 6 to Friday, April 10, 2020: 11:15 am to 1:15 pm (15 min break) then 2:15 pm to 6:30 pm
  • 2 white competitions
  • Number of students: 20 maximum

Educational choices

  • 60h of classes during the Terminale and no more  : Extra work at the Terminale and good record necessary for an admission in the desired FAC
  • Everything is shown : You have to be able to adapt when non-classical exercises fall. This training is not intended to give you a list of formulas to learn without understanding. Everything is treated in depth to prepare you for the most difficult.
  • UE1 (chemistry and biochemistry) and UE3 (physics and biophysics):  the treated program is common to all faculties of medicine. These chapters need to be understood to be learned hence the relevance of dealing with them in advance.
  • The other EUs are not processed because the programs are too variable according to the CAF. In addition, these subjects require learning « by heart » so no need to get ahead on this point. Finally, the FAC with no repetition plans to change the program of these EU every year so it’s useless to get ahead

Update on the 2020 reform

  • End of the numerus clausus, but appearance of an annual numerus clausus and by FCC
  • Selection:

60% of students from the Health Portal with the possibility of joining a license with a minor Health to retry his chance in L2 or L3

40% of students graduated with minor health

  • Whatever the path, you need a minimum average to be « admissible » then a written and / or oral exam (modalities not defined at the moment)
  • Disappearing QCM? No total but limited number of multiple choice to make a better selection

Caution: Do not do PO

  • Reason 1 : The SVT program depends on the CAF: CAF assignment. Moreover, there is a tendency to change every year, there is no guarantee that the chapters will be in PACES.
  • Reason 2 : During the 2020 reform, the contest disappears, the selection will be done by the end of the year. If you apply while you are studying in P0, you will not be taken priority in PACES.

Lieu du stage

22 rue Malar, Paris